Electric Steering for Trolling Motors

October 4, 2009
Recently I completed the design, fabrication and water testing of a modular steer-by-wire add-on for any electric trolling motor.  It simply attaches to the side of the motor mount, without hampering the normal operation of the motor.  The total cost for this option is about $25. The device provides steering via a momentary rocker switch attached to the drive with a wire of adjustable length. It can fit on, and be any distance from, most any trolling motor, and draws little power from the battery.  If interested, go to the Electric Steering tab on the above menu bar.  I would also be interested in receiving feedback regarding this design, as I wish to make it as universal as possible.
               Ken Simpson

KAYAK+ Completion

September 12, 2009

Today the KAYAK+ center module was completed, and water testing begins next week.  The 40 inch module integrates well with the 2 original sections, and produces an 11 foot boat for 2 occupants in tandem.  The elongated design has a side benefit of dramatically increasing the water line length, providing an even more efficient hull form.  Refer to the KAYAK+ web page for more detail.

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Dovetail Connectors

September 7, 2009


Congratulations on your new website.

I was interested in the idea of a sectional boat and I did a lot of searching on the internet. I found out it was not a new idea and various designs had been tried over the years.

I purchased a set of Toter Duck Boat plans because I was interested in the details of the dovetail connectors. I designed my own boat but I incorporated the dovetail connectors. I did not like the sloppy fit between sections that resulted. So I ripped off the connectors ...

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