Congratulations on your new website.

I was interested in the idea of a sectional boat and I did a lot of searching on the internet. I found out it was not a new idea and various designs had been tried over the years.

I purchased a set of Toter Duck Boat plans because I was interested in the details of the dovetail connectors. I designed my own boat but I incorporated the dovetail connectors. I did not like the sloppy fit between sections that resulted. So I ripped off the connectors and reverted back to a bolt and wing nut type of connection. I am very satisfied with the solid feel of the connection.

Since you asked for feedback... I feel a lot of the designs lack a certain, shall we say, elegance. They are very practical, no doubt. They just don't look like regular boats. I would prefer a conventional boat design that was made sectional.




Hello Frank,
Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated.  I have had other similar comments, and concur that the dovetails can be sloppy.  Very little room for error.  My latest boats also use the Bolt and Wing nut method, as does yours, and it is best for larger boats.  I would be interested in seeing a picture of your boat, if that's OK.  All designs are good to learn from, and all have their own attributes.  Again, many thanks for your reply.
Happy boating,