This is a Portable version of a tiny Tugboat, for pleasure use.  
This one can be transported in the bed of a truck, or on a 4' x 4' utility trailer. Your choice.

As you can see, the panels are reasonably simple and easy to cut to size.

Assembly is pretty standard for my craft, and tool requirements are minimal.

Forward and Rear Modules are similar in construction, and the mild V bottom is easy to fabricate.

There is a deck, but it is primarily for decorative and traditional appearance purposes. 

The skids are necessary to protect the hull bottom when beaching the boat.

As you can see, the pilot house is relatively small, although you can sit in it, facing backward.  It is easily removable, with simple screw knobs on either side, and then folded in half for storage in the rear module.

The finished plans will provide all the information necessary for a complete hull, ready to paint. Just remember, this is a small utility boat, and should not be used for heavy loads, without additional structural changes.

A third module extends the capacity another 175 pounds, and it stores in the rear module for transport.

Finally, if you like the hull, but don't need the cabin, there is a Utility version, simply by changing the forward deck area.

Thank you for your interest in The TUGGY !

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Ken S