The SIMPLE 9 is an easy to build, easy to transport and easy to paddle small Kayak like boat. It can also be equipped with a trolling motor for those that want the extra distance that a motor provides. Ideally suited for first time builders, the design is lightweight and requires only hand tools normally found in a handyman's shop.  A great project for young or old alike, with good in-water performance, and the plans are FREE.

Note that the defined plywood is 5mm ACX grade. This produces a lightweight yet robust boat, with a total capacity of about 300 pounds. The SIMPLE 9 makes a good starter boat for children, and teaches them the basics of boat construction, and boat safety. With it's enclosed buoyancy compartments, SIMPLE 9 will not sink. Study the layout drawing to see if it satisfies your needs for a basic transportable. No trailer required.

Click on the SIMPLE 9.PDF link below, and download the file.

SIMPLE 9.pdf SIMPLE 9.pdf
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