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The 'POKE ABOUT' has been out several times, and has not disappointed. The original design goal was to develop a small, single occupant, nesting boat, that would fit in just about any car, truck or suv. As the design and build progressed, it was clear that this could be a fun and stable little craft. All the options have been completed, including the Canopy Top, Buoyancy Cells (for heavier loads), and a homemade kayak-style Paddle. 

After the outings on the lake, a careful review of the design was conducted, and it is safe to say that it meets or exceeds the design goals. POKE ABOUT's best attribute is it's stability. It plows through (or over) waves, due to it's narrow bow, and it is not side balance sensitive, due to the wide beam in the stern. For short daily trips to the lake, just to get away, it is fast becoming my favorite. Easy to transport, lightweight (40 pounds), and stable.

What more could you ask of such a little boat.



The addition of Buoyancy Cells to the aft of the transom provides another 40 pounds of buoyancy, 

and increases the hull speed and efficiency due to a lengthened waterline.

 Send me an e-mail request if you have a real interest in the POKE ABOUT design.