The development of a Modular PDRacer is a direct response to readers requests.  After much thought, I contacted Shorty Routh, the originator of the popular PDR Class of small sail boats, and received permission to use the design criteria and the PDRacer name.

And, in conjunction with , the plans are now FREE !

Below is the Layout Drawing of the Modular PDRacer Design.  The Hull Shape is Identical to the PDRacer Specifications.

This is Page 9 of the Assembly Manual. All steps are clearly identified, and construction is very traditional. 

A Scale Model  was made as proof of concept. You can see the reduction in overall transport and storage size of the nested hull design.

True to PDRacer drawings, only the hull components are specified. It is the builders option what sail plan to use and what rudder design is best suited for their sailing style. The rigging is also a function of these decisions. Although round hatches are shown, the builder can modify them to include larger rectangular enclosures to have better access to the storage compartments below.  These must be water sealed, however, as the space also acts as the safety buoyancy compartments.  The builder can make any and all modifications to the boat, as long as the basic hull shape and size are not changed.  This is a PDRacer requirement, as it creates a level playing field for all.

Go to for more information regarding class rules, joining the PDRacer club, and event information.

Thank you for your interest in this most popular little boat, and happy sailing !

Ken Simpson, Designer

 The Plans are FREE for the asking.

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