Similar to the Micro Camper Cruiser, but designed with all straight lines for easy construction. 
It is also a little longer and wider, for better performance and capacity. 
Seats 2 comfortably, and sleeps one, with a pet ?

As you can see, construction is all straight line cuts, and right angle assemblies.

The forward module is very similar to the rear, except for the steep angled bow.

Some modifications can be made for those that want greater performance (capacity and speed). 

Because it is an all straight line and flat panel design, it is easy to scale up to almost any size. The version shown above will sleep 2, and compares closely with the Mini Camper Cruiser in size and performance.  Of course, materials must be upgraded in size and strength to provide a safe and robust vessel.
Happy Boating !

                                        The finished plans are available now from: