I finally have the last new design, and build, for the year 2013.  This is the EASY ONE, and it is the third generation of my wedge shaped hulls.  Improvements for comfort, sea-worthyness and ease of use are it's primary benefits. The bow has a compound curve to it that provides good water penetration, with minimal splash. The hull sides are 15 inches high, producing great freeboard, and security. And there is an optional side positioned motor mount, that puts the motor controls within easy arms reach, without steering extensions or remote speed controls. The plans for the mount are free, and can be downloaded from my website. Also, for a second occupant, there is a 2 foot optional center module, that extends the hull length to almost 10 feet, and increases the load capacity by 125 pounds. The standard 2 module hull capacity is already 350 pounds. Finally, there will be a sailing version of the EASY ONE design, scheduled for water trials in early spring 2014. It will utilize a daggerboard, flip-up rudder, folding mast and a simple 35 square foot sail layout. The plans for the sail rig will be separate from the hull plans. 

Although late in the year, I have been out in the boat several times this month (December) and found it to be very forgiving. Rough water is no problem, and the wake produced by the hull is minimal, which translates to smooth water flow around and under the hull, and better efficiency. Total empty hull weight is only 60 pounds, making the modules easy to lift, nest and transport. Although the hull is made from 5MM plywood, double thickness in some areas, it is robust, and should give many years of service to the builder. Of course the Tape & Glue Process is used in the construction, for edge sealing and structural strength, and the skids and chine rails will provide the necessary below water protection. This should make a good craft for the lone fisherman or hunter, as it can carry a good load without sacrificing safety or performance. 

There is an Easy One VIDEO at the end of this page. 

Assembled on the ramp, ready to be launched, as shown at left, and loaded in my PT Cruiser for the trip home. 

Sitting unloaded on the water, it draws less than an inch, and cruising along it handles rough water easily. 

I have added the daggerboard slot in the build, ready for the sail rigging.  At right a good view of the interior.

This layout will give you some idea of the size and capability of The EASY ONE.  Not shown is the optional center module which provides space for another occupant, or greater storage capacity. There are 46 pages to the plans, which outlines all the detail necessary, including the T&G Process, for even a beginner to construct this boat.