March 15 through April 14, 2012

Hi there fellow boat builders. As you know, I have been toiling for several years designing, building, and developing plans for small portable boats.  This is the segment of the boat building community that I have remained committed to.  And, I thank you for your response to the various designs I have been able to make available.  I also know that there are many other sources of boat plans that you can choose from, so it is especially gratifying to know that you have selected a Portable Boat Plans design.  


With that in mind, although I am not completely running out of ideas, I am asking you readers for some input with the direction of future designs. I know that the economy has impacted us all, and especially put a damper on projects that are considered non-essential.  There seems to be a trend toward more human powered boats, like paddle boards, or paddle wheels. They can be very expensive to purchase, but could be constructed out of plywood for a lot less.  So, the question is this: What is your current boating interest, and what portable boat configuration would you like to see posted next on this website ?


To make this interesting, and worthwhile, I will tabulate all responses to this request, and present the findings, via email, to all who contributed their thoughts and ideas.  Finally, I will ask these same people to judge which concepts they found most interesting, and practical.  The various ideas will be grouped by type, and quantity of entries, for judging.  You will not be able to vote on your own design, however.


Then, based on the groups final selection, I will draw up the winning plans, and send them to each one of you, free of charge.  It doesn't stop there. I will also send each of you, after your contest submission, another plan of your choice, also free.  So browse the plans available and let me know. Of course it has to be one from this website.


The design parameters for your concept are simple: It has to be a portable design, no trailer required.  It should be no longer than 11 feet, composed of a minimun of 2 modules that will fit in a Truck, Van or SUV.  It has to be made out of plywood, and maybe some fiberglass.  It should employ simple tools and processes in its construction.  In other words, something the home handyman, or woman, can build without spending a lot of money on tools and materials.

That's it !  Not difficult, and the results should be of interest to all.  Because this is not an ad-supported website, and is non profitable, I hope that the offer of free plans is sufficient to motivate you to respond.  I look forward to your ideas, sketches, and all comments.


             Ken Simpson 

Send entries to:  kensimpsonaz@yahoo.com

In the Subject box of the email please enter: MY DESIGN IDEA

PS: The contest starts on March 15, 2012 and will run for a month.  This should give you time to gather your thoughts, and email them in.  Here's what I think will happen. The Portable Boat Plans website receives, on avarage, about 65 hits a day. That means after 30 days there will be nearly 2000 visitors. My guess is that less than 5 percent will respond to this challenge, which translates to about 100 entries being received.  Therefore, the chances of your design being chosen the winner is very good.  The top 3 winning entries will be posted with the originator's names, but only with your approval.  I do not give out any personal information to anyone, for any reason, without your permission.  Your data is safe with me.  

Thanks again for your interest, and good luck with your design.