This Coroplast boat is different than some of my previous Coro hulls, in that it does not fold up, but rather is a one piece hull that is stable, rigid and easy to handle. With a load capacity of 250 pounds, and weighing only 20 pounds, it will fast become your take anywhere, anytime, boat of choice. Paddles and motors effortlessly. Additional modules are available.

 This is the Kayak version, merely the Skiff with a tapered 3 foot aft module. Total length is 10 feet. As designed, it is for a single occupant, however an optional additional center module can be added for another person.

 As you can see from the above drawing, the hull shape is simple yet efficient. A number of straight line folds creates a well proportioned hull, with ample beam for stability, and freeboard for safety.  With a choice of power, from twin paddles to a trolling motor, the Coro Power Boat is smooth through the water and very easy to handle.

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 A short video of the Extended Hull design.