May 2017

This 8 footer is specifically designed for two purposes. First, when nested, it can fit in the trunk of most cars. Second, it was configured to accept a small gas powered outboard motor of less than 2.5 horsepower.
There is a video at the end of this page, taken on it's first outing.

Here you see the ASC neatly nested in the trunk of my car.  There is some room to spare for accessories. The trunk opening size is what determines how easy the modules will be to load.  A 3 foot width is required. The optional canopy top is stored in the rear seat area, and the motor is stored on the rear floor.

Page 2 of the plans describes the size and capacities of the ASC design. Note the simple straight lines.

Assembly is very straight forward, similar to many of my other designs. Readily available tools and materials are all that is required. Only 1 sheet of 1/4" plywood, 1/2 sheet of 1/2" plywood, TB3 Glue and a roll of Fiberglass Tape.

The Rear Module nearing completion. Note the taped internal edges, horizontal floor supports, the 1/2" plywood top side supports, and the 2x3 lumber motor mount on the transom. Everything is there for a purpose, and that is to provide a rigid, strong, yet lightweight hull, capable of a maximum load of 275 pounds !

Now, things are starting to take final shape. All 3 modules are constructed, and only the taping of seams and complete hull waterproofing remain, before a finish can be applied. The deck plate is required for access.

A simple color scheme was chosen. Light on the inside, darker on the outside. I use oil base paint for it's durability and reasonable cost. A quart of each color provides 2 coats of a beautiful finish.

And here it is, with oarlocks mounted, deck plate painted, and assembly bolts attached.  To get to this point of construction, I worked on it daily for a month. But remember, much of that time is spent waiting for
 glue to cure and paint to dry. And, those honey-do's contribute to time lost as well !

So here is the video of the first time out. A windy day, but a very rewarding one.

Thanks for watching, and for your interest in my Portable Boat Plans.

Ken Simpson, Designer

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