February 2012 Video showing some assembly detail and water performance.

The following pictures are representative of the easy build, and of the finished boat. 

It all start with reading the plans thoroughly and laying out the plywood. 

Accurate cuts are essential. The angular gauge is included in the plans. 

Precision panel placement and good tools help get the job done. 

Measuring from corner to corner, on each side, insures a straight hull, when both dimensions are the same. 

Double checking to make sure of hull nesting, before finish is applied.

Finished, loaded and nested, and ready for first water testing.  Fits in my S10 with room to spare ! 

Finally, at waters edge. Note the clean lines and room for gear. 


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Thank you for your interest in the "1 SHEET +" .

View the video below.

I am calling this a 'minimalist design', because it uses just the minimum of  building materials, coupled with the T&G assembly process, to produce a lightweight, no frills, low cost, easy to carry 35 pound portable little boat, that is strong where required, and can be assembled by just about anybody.

If you intend to run the rapids, then build another boat.  But, if you want a single occupant little boat that is safe, lighweight, easy to row or paddle, then consider building  The 1 Sheet +.  You can even motorize it.

For larger people it is suggested that you add a second inside floor to the rear seating and forward footwell areas for safety, or use 6 mm ply for the entire build.

That being said, the plans are as simple as the design. Most all information will be in the form of photographs with text.  Some detail may not be mentioned, and it is assumed that you will fill in the blanks, so to speak.  A picture is worth.....?  It is also highly recommended that you personalize the boat, to satisfy your specific wants, needs and capabilities.   

Can you stand up and cast bait? Probably not.  But from a sitting, or kneeling position, this is a good little boat to get into those hard to reach places, you have always wanted to investigate.

And, as mentioned in the plans, seating is up to you.  I do have the free plywood seat plan on the website.  Many builders of my boats use a plastic folding seat purchased at their local sporting goods store.  Even a folding stadium seat can be modified to work.  Whatever is used, make sure it is comfortable, and not too heavy.  Happy boating !