So, why would you want to build this design? Well, it's less costly, simple to build, and acts more like a small Kayak than a Punt. It paddles effortlessly with minimal wake, can accept a trolling motor, and will also fit in many cars. But, equally important, it is fun. Fun to build and fun to use. So, why not get busy and start construction today !

This is the 1 SHEET WEDGE built by Tice Porterfield of  Bertrum Texas. 
His daughter Emma is enjoying the whole experience.

Click each picture above to expand size.  And, as mentioned, the plans are FREE for the asking !

 Just email me at: 

Although not originally designed as a multipurpose boat, the 1 Sheet Wedge is an ideal vehicle for children to learn about boating safety. It's small and stable, and it floats even when full of water. Further, the adults will find it to be a practical choice for the occasional fishing trip to the lake, and then be able to store it in a confined space when home. It really can be many things to many people!

The following pictures are of  Tice Porterfield's build.

Front and rear modules after waterproofing.

A good view of the large inside volume of the rear module, available for comfortable seating and gear stowage.

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